Franky the son of Frankensteen goes to School
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 Welcome to Franky's new book called Franky the son of Frankensteen goes to school. Read how the
 green skinned kid with the flattop head and bolts in his neck tries to fit into his new school. I need to
 mention Franky and his dad are from Transylvania! See what Franky brings to show & tell and the kids
 love it! Plus Franky's dad does some pretty cool things in the book!     A must read for the whole family!
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Authors note: Being accepted at any age is awesome! Not being accepted because of your looks or background can be very devastating for a child. We need fewer kids sitting alone at lunch and playing alone at recess. Teachers are essential for learning and parents do a great job raising their children, unfortunately they cannot be with their kids all day. As authors we need to step up and give kids books that are fun, have a purpose and a meaning. This book is designed to be a learning tool that shows situations that all children might face.
Authors Bio: As long as I can remember I have been drawing cartoons. My step brother taught me how to draw Fred Flintstone when I was in the 5th grade. I have been hooked on drawing cartoons and Illustrations with a passion ever since. I have tried my hand at oil painting, Web design and computer graphics. I realized for me there is nothing that I love more than drawing. This is my first children's book to be published, but certainly not my last. There's an awesome quote by C.S. Lewis that reads: "You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream." God Bless!
  Boys Reading Club
Some awesome pictures Franky wanted to share with you!
Mrs. Zont and class giving Franky and his book a big thumbs up!
Ms. Ward 1st grade picture. Ideas for Franky's next book.
Conner likes!
Talon and Franky's pet hanging out!
Awesome coloring of Furball by Talon!
   Thank you Nicole for liking Franky's new book!