Testimony: My name is Wayne Roe and I believe Jesus Christ is the son of the living God. When the Passion of the
Christ movie came out in 2004 I watched it with my wife and two friends. I knew in my being who God was, but
not his son. That night at the theater my eyes and my heart was opened to the truth and love of Jesus. He is
my Savior and Lord. He died so that I can have eternal life with him.
  Christian Prints:
  Faith prints designed here!
   Jesus Art :
Misc. art pieces of Jesus. From pencil
   art to computer art. Jesus Rocks!
  Jesus Comic :
  Jesus Son of the living God comic.
  Based on Mark 5 1-20 Must read!

  Christian Design:
Samples of Pamplet, flyer & bulletin
   design for Church use.
  Christian Backgrounds :
Christ backgrounds free for the
   taking. Right click and save.
  Jesus Stories :
  Short Cfristian stories about faith, love,
   struggles and Jesus Christ.
  Let us build that website for your
   Church or personal need.
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