As an illustrator it's a passion of mine to draw books for children and adults. Then comes the special part, watching the kids be taken away by the story. They love the pictures and their imagination
makes them part of the book. Below are books designed for print. In need of an illustrator for your awesome story idea. Contact Wayne Roe (815)793-5634 or
Franky the son of Frankensteen was published Sept. 2015 by Black Rose Publishing. Click to view Franky the son of Frankensteen and his pet. Book two, working on a series of four. The tree is my friend. The story of a little girl and a tree growing up together.
Eli's journey to see Jesus. A boy's story of passion to see and meet the Savior. The night Santa fell asleep. Stacy Ann wakes up Santa and keeps Christmas going. David and his book. The magical book takes David to the jungles of Africa.
This book is called Furball. He loves to read anything and everything. He digs the library. Page layout from sketch, ink to color completion.  
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